Custom Mufflers - Auto Repairs
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Stock Replacement Mufflers - Universal Ehaust Systems

At Boise Muffler we can help you reduce exhaust noise from your car engine and also increase engine efficiency while reducing wear on your engines' components. With gas prices' edging up we can help make sure your engine achieves its highest performance and power output that can help you save money at the gas pump. In addition to expert muffler replacements, exhaust systems installations and auto repairs we provide free pickup and drop off service upon request.

Aftermarket Exhaust Replacement Brands

  • Maremont Replacement Mufflers
  • Walker Exhaust Systems
  • Ansa Import Exhaust Products
  • Imco Universal Mufflers
  • Maremont Performance Exhaust Systems
  • Walker Commercial Products
  • Ansa Italian Performance Racing Mufflers
  • Imco Performance Mufflers